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Grey fabric LindaLu is specialized in the trade of cotton industrial yarn

The of origine American, Turkish or African cotton is of high quality without foreign fiber infiltrations and suitable for deying guarantee.


However, for weaving mills and knitting mills that do not always need this more expensive higher quality, we develop yarn that consist of cheaper types of cotton of lower quality that have, consequently, a very attractive price. This is to tend to a different market.


In our spinning mills in Turkey and in West-Africa we have the best technology and the best laboratories, so that a constant quality is guaranteed.


We deliver carriage paid to any destination in the whole EU, usually per truck, completely cleared and without VAT, which you will have to pay or calculate according to the rules and regulations in your own country.


There are several arrangements to prepay with attractive discounts, but also L/C and CAD with discount are possible. It is also possible to come to a credit agreement and determine a time limit.